Smart MDM

(Smart Mobile Device Management)

Do you lack insight into your users' activities on the field?

Smart MDM is a platform that lets you control your Mobile Devices from one place.

With SmartMDM, you can manage your devices remotely, enforce your business rules and track your devices real-time.

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Manage Devices

SmartMDM enables you to track device locations, enforce your custom and unique policies for your devices, prevent usage of the devices if your business rules are contravened, and even remotely wipe a device.

Manage Users

Provides a holistic user management modules used for creating and managing users, roles and privileges on the system.

Reports and Analytics

With SmartMDM, you can generate reports and dashboards in various formats which can be used for decision making.

Geo-Location and Access Control

Since the devices have already been allocated a location address, you can track the location of your devices and also know when your device leaves its assigned Geo-Fence. You can also control access to your devices when the device leaves its Geo-Fence.

Issue Log Management

Enables agents and dealers to report device or user(s) related issues and get quick feedback on a resolution.

Available on

Google Chrome (V24.0+) and Firefox (V40+)